Hike to Pajštún ruin (crossing the small Carpatians)

Hi, on Saturday I organized a hike in Bratislava (Slovakia). I want to give all the necessary information, maybe you want to repeat it. Please read on if you are interested.

Our route

We startet in Rača and from there went to Stupava (on the other side of the small Carpatians). We went to Bratislava from Vienna using the Euregio ticket that includes the local transport. From the main train train station we went to the cemetary station in Rača (Cintorin).

The Carpatians are a mountain range that have their highest point in the High Tatras and continue until Romania.

You can download the GPX track of our hike here. The route is long (18,55km) and it took us all day to finish it.

Recommended Equipment

Before going up to Pajštún ruin we had to go down a steep path which was taxing on our knees. Then we had to go up again. It is a good idea to bring walking sticks and hiking shoes. Also some food because there is no restaurant on the way.

Points of Interest

In Rača there was a nice market with Spaghetti-like cheese that cannot be bought in Austria.

The first point of interest is Malá Bana. This is a nice summit and people had a bonfire and picnicked on top. There is a buffet chest with beer to grab. Also it has a nice swing and a tour book. Unfortunately it was windy so we continued soon.

This is what I like about Slovakia, in Austria it would be impossible to make a bonfire in the forest. There seem to be almost no rules there, people go with their mountainbikes everywhere (but almost killed us coming up from behind us, so maybe some rules are not so bad in Austria).

We continued to Pánova lúka which is a large meadow where we had our lunch break. In the forest we met some people that had found lots of interesting mushrooms.

The next point was nearby Malý Slavín, also a big resting place where our path took a sharp turn. There were people barbecuing and resting with their horse.

Next we had to go down a steep path before we had to go up again to Pajstún castle.

Going up the hill to Pajstún was steep at first but later more or less flat and a nice walk through mystical forests looking like Mordor from Lord of the Rings.

Eventually we arrived at the ruin. It is standing on a huge rock that is also used for rock climbing.

Again people where barbecuing there. We continued to Stupava where we had to cross through an seemingly endless park which led to an ugly castle. We went back to Bratislava with the bus.

We were in a hurry because we had to go with the train from Petržalka (no train from the main station for 2 hours). Luckily we found a machine having the same nice cheese that we have bought in the morning so we did not loose any time while changing buses. We made it to the train right before it left the station.


I think this is a really nice hike. The culture in Slovakia is really different to Austria. People are very nice and enjoy their free time differently like with barbecuing etc. Just be careful that you are not getting run over by a mountainbike (or killed by hunters that we also saw in the forest). But if you are a Mountainbiker yourself then maybe you enjoy this area even more.

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