Neewer ND/PL Filter 🕶️ for DJI Mavic Air Drone 🛸 Review/Tutorial

Today I want to review the Neewer ND/PL (Neutral Density and Polarizing) filters for the DJI Mavic air drone. Those are necessary to lower the shutter speed and to increase the contrast which results in more cinematic videos. This makes the difference between amateur-looking and professional videos. The Neewer filters cost just around 20 Euros. More expensive filters cost well over 100 Euros (PolarPro cinema filters). Read on to see what results I got. Continue reading “Neewer ND/PL Filter 🕶️ for DJI Mavic Air Drone 🛸 Review/Tutorial”

8 tips on how to buy camera gear for cheap

Buying good camera gear is expensive. But buying the latest and greatest is not necessary to get professional results. In this article I offer you 8 tips on how to save a ton of money by buying used stuff. Those tips are even more important if you plan to buy more expensive gear, because then you really don’t want to end up with something that is not working. Continue reading “8 tips on how to buy camera gear for cheap”

What’s in my camera bag 2018

Today I want to write about what’s in my camera bag as of 2017/2018. Most of the stuff I bought on the used market ( It is possible to get good deals if you buy cameras that are somewhat old but still work well and even are considered professional. You just have to be aware of the limitations of this older equipment. I will also tell you that. Read on to see what’s inside. Continue reading “What’s in my camera bag 2018”

Trip to Greece: Athens

For our trip to Greece we wanted to do a mix of sightseeing in the city, hiking in nature and visiting islands for swimming. We are happy that we were able to do almost everything that we have planned. This is especially true because of a strike in Athens and of the ferry boats on our last day. We were really lucky. Read on to learn about our itinerary and experiences in Greece. Continue reading “Trip to Greece: Athens”